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Market Stability

Terça-feira, 8 de agosto de 2023 - 17h30


The prices from bovine leather are stable in the weekly comparision thanks to na offer adjusted to its demand. Even so, consulted key-agents are with a negative view at economic results from brazilian leather buyer countries, like China, and with it, may pressure negatively the prices.

In central Brazil, the first class leather is quoted, in average, at R$0,80/kg, free of taxes. The average leather, is being negotiated at R$0,65/kg, in the same conditions.

At Rio Grande do Sul, the quote of the average leather is R$0,10/kg, free of taxes.

In the short term, the prices may remain stable but negatively pressured with the gloom look from the market, in response to the unstable economy.


For the third consecutive week, the bovine tallow prices are stable in both regions tracked by Scot Consultoria

Productive industries of biodiesel, have been raising their production, using soybean oil as raw material because of the high offer of plant based oil at the market.

With the reduction of the Selic rate, it is expected that the product and servisse sectors heat up, raising the demand for fuel, hightlithing the diesel, which has 12% of obrigatory biodiesel in its composition and is the main fuel used in agricultural machines and transport vehicles.

In Central Brazil, the bovine tallow is costing R$3,90/kg free of taxes. In Rio Grande do Sul, its price is at R$4,20/kg, in the same conditions.

In the short term, there may remain a stability at the market, with a attention to the tallow offer raise due to the bovine slaughter originated from the Fisrt cile of confinement.


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